ACAN International was founded in 2015 under the vision of international, professional athlete and businessman, Aloysius Anagonye. This worldwide management consulting agency focuses on social development projects in communities and personal growth initiatives enforcing active participation.


The idea was born when Aloysius remembered being a skinny 13-year-old boy attending a basketball camp. A guest speaker by the name of Antonio Smith from Michigan State University came to speak to him and his teammates. Young Aloysius was impressed by his presence, which allowed him to have an image of the man he wanted to become -- a tall, strong, respected and successful man, not just as a basketball player but as a businessman, as well. Years later, Aloysius was recruited by the same university team which would mark the beginning of his professional athletic career.


This example impacted him in such a way that he understood how easily influenced we are by the people around us. That is the main inspiration behind ACAN’s programs and projects which allows our clients to understand and develop their own capabilities and talents to become the best version of themselves.


This story also taught Aloysius how to be self-reliant, strong and persistent by taking the steps he needed in order to become whom he wanted to be in life. Those are the main principles ACAN International stands for through developing both, independent individuals and self-sufficient communities that can grow and flourish together.