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Meet The Founder 


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Aloysius Anagonye draws on his substantial business knowledge backed by his General Management studies at Eli Broad College of Business (Michigan State University) and life's experiences. He has strong problem solving, analytical, social and cultural sensitivity skills developed by living and working overseas for over fifteen years as a professional athlete, and solid communication and interpersonal skills when interfacing with clients on their progress and challenges. As a natural hard worker with the determination to improve systems and team output, he possesses the ability to design and monitor leadership programs based on client needs, goals and capabilities. 


Born in Detroit, Michigan to Nigerian parents, he learned to value multiple worlds. Aloysius credits the values instilled in him by his parents and his cosmopolitan upbringing as being vital to his professional success. He can proficiently communicate in many languages, understanding the deep nuances of cultural specifics, historical backgrounds, and latest events that influence individuals on personal and professional levels. He is an engaging speaker whose messages are heard and shared across the globe. 


His passions include traveling and discovering new worlds and experiences. More than anything, he enjoys good food and spending quality time with his friends and family, especially his son.


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